Suttur, a small hamlet near Mysuru with an air infused with quiescence & an intense stillness of its surrounding bounded by the banks of river Kapila seems enigmatic and ever so out of the ordinary but has nurtured many Veerashaiva pontiffs who were the great rejuvenators of Veerashaiva Dharma. They were great visionaries who had spiritual wisdom, logical subtlety & philosophical profundity.

Marking this tradition the 23 pontiff was, His Holiness Dr. Rajendra Mahaswamiji who brought fame and glory to the Mutt with his dynamic leadership and unique contribution. Under His guidance and blessings, the ‘JSS Mahavidyapeetha was born. Much of what has been envisaged today, is the direct result of the present Jagadguru Sri. Sri. Deshikendra Mahaswamiji’s spontaneous self-giving attitude. Needless to mention that, ‘He’ is the perfect embodiment of virtues, compassion, patience, truthfulness, fortitude & righteousness.

Established in the year 1997, the JSS Public School is a CBSE affiliated Institution with an impressive infrastructure, cocooned in a beautiful, serene, magical, picturesque campus, known to be the “Knowledge Hub” of Mysuru in the JSS Science and Technology University Campus formerly known as SJCE. Having nestled in this great environment, the school takes pride in exhibiting educational excellence. The ideologies of the Mutt here get woven and strewn into a garland through service, fellowship, freedom and fair-play of everyone involved.