“To seek the blessings of Lord Krishna, Janmashtami was celebrated at The JSS PUBLIC SCHOOL  on 6th September, 2023 with mirth and joy. The fragrance of flowers, soothing aroma of camphor filled the air.  The students  dressed up as lord Krishna and Radha, complete with flutes, peacock feathers and matkas. The premise was decorated beautifully and the spirit of festivity was enhanced with the celebration that followed was truly entertaining and educating.

Fun-filled activities like breaking the matka, selfie corner were arranged . The purpose of the  celebration was to inculcate value of sharing and respect in the students.

There was a competition conducted among the cute Krishna and Radha . Well-dressed kids were declared as the winners.

The Principal of the school, Mrs. Suma K.B blessed all the students on this auspicious day, pooja rituals was done by our Sanskrit teacher Mr. Ganesh Bhat. Sweets were distributed before the kids left the school. Totally it was a great time at school.”

It’s Yellow…..

A day dedicated to the yellow colour was marked at JSSPS, Kindergarten  wing .  Children were not only beautifully dressed in their favorite yellow dresses but also brought yellow objects to make it a complete “Yellow Day”!

Tiffins were filled with bananas, custard, jelly, lemons, mangoes, pineapples etc. Attractive yellow coloured  balloons, flowers  made the learning environment active and sporty.

A garden with paper sunflowers was also set up in the KG classes. The children enjoyed this activity and were very happy when they received a sunflower  to take home. The teachers were beaming with pride when the confident little commentators described the yellow objects with expressiveness, flair and ease.

The motive of celebrating this yellow colour day was to make the children aware of yellow colour, its significance and to develop fine motor skills in the students. They spent the day with utmost enjoyment.

Freshers’ Day is a welcome party to newcomers and a gesture of extending the friendly atmosphere and to be motivating factors for juniors. The aim of conducting this day is to make the juniors feel welcome and to interact with them.

In this regard we theJessuites had a Freshers’ day at our kindergarten wing.

Children dressed in casuals , ‘Sharing is caring ‘ to inculcate this in our young minds, we had arranged sharing snacks among ourselves.

Children enjoyed sharing the snacks and they played a few group games . A  palm print art activity was done with the teacher’s guidance.  The day was concluded   by having sweets and condiments .

We the jessuites had  organized a Diwali celebration program on 22 nd of October . All the students and teachers were very excited that day.  Our school’s centre of attraction , our Swamiji’s photo was fully decorated with lights, candles, and artwork from eco-friendly products.our music teacher Mrs. Roopa taught few bhajans to the kindergarten children. We the teachers explained the significance of Diwali . Our honorable principal lighted the lamp and participated in the celebrations. We distributed the sweets and concluded the programme.

The  doll festival is a way to be rooted to the traditions and introduce the new generation to the rich culture and mythology of the land. It is also a way to seek divine blessings and entertain the children during the Dasara festival.

We the kindergarten department, JSS PUBLIC SCHOOL  had organised bombemane activity on 18 th of October during the class hours. We had requested the kids to bring dasara dolls and gathered many to arrange for 5 steps. All the children were in their traditional attire and we’re looking very beautiful . Parents were invited to view BOMBEMANE , we got good appreciation from the parent lot. The programme was concluded in the afternoon after the distribution of sweet.

In view of Azadi ka Amruth Mahotsav , a  lot of activities were conducted like fancy dress competition, colour the given national flag, drawing and coloring of national flag and national fruit, drawing and coloring of national flag and national emblem, patriotic singing, essay writing, Elocution  from 1st August to  6th August for all the classes ( kindergarten  to x std). The children participated in the events with great zeal and patriotism. The prizes to the  winners in these competitions  were distributed  on 15th August by the Chief Guest in the school premises.

Red! , The colour of love and smiles.

Kindergarten  Jss public school. TI’s campus conducted ‘Red Day’ activity on 15th June, 2022 to introduce children into the mesmerizing realm of colours.  The shades of red made our tiny tots feel bright, lively and cheerful.

‘Red’ colour symbolizes enthusiasm, life and vitality. The day started off with the colour red every- where red dress, red rose, red teddy, red car, red apples, red cherries, here a red………. there a red….. red red everywhere ……..our little ones spent a spectacular red day. Bulletin boards displayed red craft work made by the children.

The tiny tots looked stunning in their red outfits. Special assembly was conducted with emphasis on significance of red colour. The young ones sang Red Day song ‘My red balloon….’ ‘Apples are red… Roses are red…. I love red…red, red, red…’Red day

 The Red day celebration was a wonderful learning activity which helped the children to sort and classify objects based on colours.

“The most beautiful world is always entered through imagination.”

To enhance creativity, imagination and to build confidence of the students, the  Fancy Dress Competition was conducted on 14th August, 2023  with the theme of freedom fighters  for the students of upper kindergarten and  lower kindergarten . The participation was compulsory . The judgement was done on the basis of presentation, expressions, confidence and costume.

All the selected participants showcased their versatility with the help of character chosen from the freedom fighters. They were dressed smartly and presented themselves beautifully by speaking the dialogues of the freedom.

Friends at school are best of all. Friendship day is an occasion that calls for celebrating the presence of friends in our life. Students of UKG celebrated Friendship day on 7 th of August  at kindergarten.

To make this a memorable event children exchanged greeting card , flower and sweets. The best part was that they tied the friendship band to all the non teaching staff who have been part of their school journey. Sweets were distributed to everyone, later they sang many songs and enjoyed the day with fullest enthusiasm.

Doctor’s day was observed in the school  on 1st July 2023. Students  presented a skit and a group song to highlight the significance of doctors in one’s life .

A dental checkup was arranged for all students to  sensatize students and to create awareness.

Rainy Day is always a fun time for the kids if it is celebrated in the school. Moreover it makes the school environment light and mesmerizing for these tiny tots.

To celebrate the first showers of Monsoon, the kindergarten students of JSSPS,  came all armed in their raincoats & umbrellas to splash & revel in the rain. All the children came dressed up in different shades of blue.  The students of  Junior KG were brought out in open by their teachers with umbrellas and rain coats to enjoy the playful rainy weather.   It was fun getting wet and singing songs.

The Kindergarten section of JSS public  School celebrated Blue Day on 18th July 2022.  It was a pleasant and a cool blue day for the tiny tots.

The significance of blue colour was reiterated through a series of activities. The dress code of the day was blue. Both Kg teachers had decorated their classes taking the theme ‘ a rainy day’  on the wall, where as the clouds, raindrops, umbrellas, flowers were made in blue .

Excitement and enthusiasm was visible everywhere. All the children came dressed up in different shades  of blue. The classrooms were decorated with blue balloons and children were introduced to different shades of blue.

Blue – the colour of loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust had a very positive impact on tiny tots bringing in harmony and brotherhood.

Clad in blue dresses, students were made to recognize blue colour through different games and play-way activities. An array of blue coloured objects like umbrella, ball, cloud, flowers etc. were at display thus providing the students opportunities to have a clear sense of the colour and its importance.

The little ones of KG  made finger printing, and made a basket out of the print on top.

It was indeed a visual treat to see the good effects of blue colour on our little ones.

Father’s day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood. Parental bond and influence of father in the society.

Kindergarten section celebrated father’s day on 17th of June Saturday 2023 in school symposium hall. The event started with the children wishing their fathers by giving the greeting card and coloured page which was done by themselves . Our principal madam presented the significance of the day, few games were conducted for fathers, prices were distributed for the winners and fathers  expressed their experience about father’s day. The day was concluded by providing refreshments to the invitees.

It was a memorable event where the fathers and the children would cherish for their lifetime.