Foundational stage is a critical phase in the child’s learning. Special attention is paid to make sure that children enjoy every aspect of schooling in their formative years. This stage emphasizes flexible, multi-level, play-based, activity-based and discovery-based learning, continuously incorporating the latest research in early childhood care and education.

Assessment of the various talents of the children is made in an informal way and special efforts are made to remediate the areas where improvement is required. Special attention and care is taken to ensure developmental gains in areas of verbal and non-verbal skills, structural knowledge, short-term and long-term memory, manual dexterity, problem-solving ability, abstraction and analytical skills. Continuous observations are made on the following areas to foster overall development in them.

  • Physical Development
  • Motor Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Personal and Social Development
  • Language Development
  • Intellectual Development
  • Participation and Group Involvement


Teaching-learning process at this stage includes mixture of play way and experiential learning approach, aimed at arousing curiosity, imagination and sense of wonder, using a variety of materials, local and customized, arts and crafts, language, stories, songs, dance, simulations, field visits, group activities etc. We incorporate Physical Education and mind and body wellness into the curriculum at the Foundational Stage. Learning activities include discriminating sensory perceptions of vision, hearing, smell, taste and feelings through observing and feeling objects in the environment.


Core and Additional subjects: Kannada, English, Hindi (Third Language), Mathematics, Environmental Science, Computer Science, General Knowledge and Life Skill Education.

Co- & Extra-Curricular Programmes: Yoga, Art, Craft, Physical Education, Dramatics, Music, Dance and Library, Gardening, Creativity Display, Dance, Life Skill Education.