Our tradition of excellence is to develop all our students as passionate, confident, life-long learners who have competence and strength of character to realize their aspirations and thoughtfully contribute to a diverse and changing world.

The mission statement of the school is to ensure that each child develops an excellent educational foundation, enthusiasm for learning and good citizenship. This will be accomplished by establishing strong partnerships between members of the school and the community.




  • To provide consistently high quality of academic focus and excellence in learning and to generate in learners the curiosity to face the seamless challenges posed by the       curriculum requirement.
  • To provide teachers all tools they need to enable all children to learn better.
  • To strategically plan towards ensuring an educationally sound and innovative future
  • To nurture and foster an ethos of work culture that includes diligence, discipline, integrity, personal endeavour, accountability to do things differently and encouragement to achieve one’s personal best to become a confident individual of the 21 century.
  • To enable and maximize the opportunities to help students express their opinions, analyse, while they actualize their potential to the utmost.
  • To forge healthy partnership between the parents and the school community and strengthen the foundations required for the student’s success and progress.
  • To make the school a unique place and a complete guide to innovative teaching conducted by instructors resulting     in self discovery.
  • To bring world class education through sustainable thoughts and actions.
  • To foster in students a civic sense and the spirit of responsibility towards local and global community.
  • To provide the right infrastructure and organizational support creating opportunities amongst students to pursue their academics with a sense of direction and purpose while  promoting understanding of concepts, generating thereby their motivation and curiosity.